Biologicially Illustrated


Plant Life

Plant Life - 2021 - Dieter Brehm - link

The study of biology is not limited to cellular or molecular biology. Understanding and having a broad view of animal and plant life is also important, in my opinion. In recognition of the beauty of plants, this piece serves as a marker of a lower level of abstraction. Lower, in the sense that the elements featured in this drawing quite closely resemble (artistic choices aside) actual plants. The colors are chosen to recall the viewers memories of actual plant life. In the case of cell structures, we have never seen a purple nucleus, and rely on textbook education to make those structures familiar.

My second piece in Placements was purely based on my interest and desire to draw greenery. While I was on the actual painting stage of the work, our residence in Connecticut was dreary and dark and I needed a bright green boost. This artwork provided that in full and serves at the higher end of abstraction. I felt that I really needed to serve both cellular biology and a broad view of life visually to round out the illustration series.

Made by Dieter Brehm