Biologicially Illustrated


Cell Structure

Placements - 2021 - Dieter Brehm - link

The biological figure elements featured in this drawing are animal cell organelles. Organelles are parts of cells have serve different specialized functions. This drawing represents only a small subset of the organelles present in animal (eukaryotic) cells. Particularly, this drawing features the nucleus, the smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum, and the Golgi apparatus.

For the first member of the Placements series, I chose a subject pivotal to biology and prominently known in high school and college level biology: the abstracted cell organelles. I mashed together our common understanding of what a cell “looks like” with pleasing rural scenery, pairing the forms with the juxtaposition of vibrant cellular coloring and muted natural colors in the environment. This piece serves to remind that these forms are, while representative, also completely abstracted from reality, colored for distinction and intuition.

Made by Dieter Brehm